Body Language


– Your body language tells more than you realize about your motives, your desires, and your true feelings. It’s a crucial part of your impact on the people you work with. So here’s a question for you. Do you know what your body just said? If you’re like most of the leaders I coach, you’re answer to that question is probably, “No, not really.” Well, that’s about to change. I’m Carol Kinsey Goman, the author of three books on body language in the workplace. I coach politicians, executives, managers, supervisors, sales teams, and business women to increase their professional impact by improving their body language savvy.

The non-verbal tips and strategies I’ll share in this course will help you be a more effective communicator. You’ll be more aware of the messages your body sends, and you’ll discover how to align those non-verbal statements with your leadership goals. I’ll cover the ways in which gesture,space, tone of voice, and even your feet can add credibility to what you’re saying. I’ll also talk about the two sets of non-verbal signals that we all look for in leaders, and you’ll find out how to project confidence even when you’re feeling uncertain.

I’m eager to work with you, so let’s get started with Body Language for Leaders.


Body Language for Leaders






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